Infinitely recyclable and reusable sustainable packaging to preserve materials, resources and energy
rolls of recycled aluminum highlighting metal sustainability

Responsible for future generations

Now more than ever before, consumers are concerned about the impact of the goods they purchase and use, prioritizing products that leverage mindful materials and do not create unnecessary waste. Inherently circular with never-ending recyclability and reusability, metal sustainable packaging offers peace of mind that products packaged in the format can live on for decades to come rather than end their journey in landfills. 

Whether a steel food can, aerosol can or custom tin containers, packaging made from steel is constructed with permanent materials that can be recycled infinitely with no degradation in quality. While other materials promote recycling, there is a limit to the number of times such recycled materials can be transformed into a new package that is suitable for use with food or beverage products. Metal, in contrast, can be recycled again and again and utilized to create new, high-integrity sustainable packaging.

Additionally, post-recycling stage, steel retains its high value and delivers further environmental benefits. The material actually more than pays for its own collection and effectively subsidizes the recycling of other less valuable materials like paper and plastic—and, when recycled, saves up to 74% of the energy used to produce virgin steel, cutting down in greenhouse gas emissions and the industry’s carbon footprint.

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